Top Mistakes to Avoid in IIT-JEE Main Coaching Classes in Hyderabad

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Are you an engineering aspirant seriously looking for the JEE Main Coaching Classes in Hyderabad. Are you struggling hard to take your IIT JEE preparation in the right direction? Yes, it is a major concern for every aspirant preparing for the IIT. It happens because the students are not following the right strategy in preparing for the exam. Moreover, the students ignore many aspects that improve both the preparation and score in the exam.

However, the students can do wonders if they follow certain strategies to avoid the common mistakes during the IIT Preparation. After reading this article, the aspirants will learn to avoid common mistakes in the JEE Main preparation.

Ignoring the proper study plan for the preparation

Have you ever come out with a plan for your IIT preparation? If not, you are making a big mistake. As an IIT aspirant, you should have a proper plan for the entire year in your preparation. You should prepare a proper timetable that enables you to prioritize the topics, plan the preparation, improve the score, etc., eventually leading to success in the final exam. If you are those aspirants looking for the best JEE Main coaching classes in Hyderabad, there are a few best coaching centres that guide you well. In Resonance, we have a structured course curriculum that helps you plan your preparation in the right direction.

Why Less Practice Won’t Give You Best Scores

Preparation and Practice are two different things that an ITT student should understand. There is only one golden rule we suggest: the more you prepare, the more you should practice and vice versa. Practicing the topics will increase your confidence to solve any problem and also helps you to score good marks. In the Best Physics IIT Coaching Centres in Hyderabad, like Resonance, we emphasize student practice by conducting daily tests, mock tests, and worksheet practice.

Feeling Shy to Clarify Doubts in IIT Preparation 

It is one of the major mistakes done by the students in their preparation. If you are one among them who feel shy to clarify your doubts, you should change this habit right away. Because, in entrance exams like IIT, every topic is interlinked with the other. If you fail to understand one, it will affect you badly in the next stages of preparation. We advise you to clarify your doubts immediately during or after the class. In Resonance, we have a limited batch size, spacious classrooms, and quality instructors to focus on each student in clarifying their doubts.

How Reading Too Many Unnecessary Books and Reference Materials is not advisable

Reading too many books and reference materials wastes both your time and energy. Please avoid this if you are the one who reads a lot of books but still fails to get good scores. Moreover, reading too many books and materials will confuse you and lessen your score in the exams. The NCERT Books are more advisable to the students preparing for the IIT exams, which avoids reading unnecessary reference books. Out of all the best long-term coaching for JEE in Hyderabad, Resonance is glad to inform you that we have our study material designed by the subject and academic experts.

How Less Confidence and Losing Motivation Affects Your IIT Preparation 

IIT is one of the toughest exams to face, and there are instances where the students lose confidence and motivation. However, remember that everything big today was once small. The students should self-motivate and boost their confidence to gain more marks in the next tests. Try getting self-motivated by reading motivational stories. Practice being confident, work hard, don’t lose hope and confidence.

Why Not Approaching a Right Coaching Centre affects your IIT Preparation 

Selecting the wrong coaching center is the biggest mistake that the students generally make. It is due to the lack of proper guidance or choosing the institution collecting the lesser course fees. However, as a serious aspirant, you should remember that the brand and quality of the institution play a key role in your success. Don’t limit yourself to spending an extra penny. Choose the best JEE Main Coaching Classes in Hyderabad. With 20 years of proven experience in IIT Coaching, we are ready to fulfill your dreams of cracking an IIT. 

How Improper Attention Affects Your IIT Preparation

It is hard to believe, but no coaching centre will help you if you lack focus during the classes. Yes, joining a premium IIT Physics Coaching Centre alone will not give you success. However, it generally happens in institutes of larger batch sizes because of the huge strength of the classroom. Thus, you decide to select the best IIT Coaching Centre to achieve better results. In Resonance, we allow limited strength in the classrooms that helps students to be more attentive without any distractions.

It is in the hands of you who are aspiring to become an IIT Engineer. Avoid distractions, concentrate more, stay focused in the classes, and reach your goal of cracking IIT.


To be a successful IITian, you should avoid the common mistakes of every student knowingly or unknowingly. We hope the following article helps you to avoid the mistakes you are making in your IIT preparation after reading this article. However, the right institution will always encourage you to go on the right path for your preparation. After 20 years of experience in IIT JEE Coaching, we are glad that we have been helping the students to get through the most prestigious IIT exam with good scores. We would love to hear regarding your admission of your child to Resonance Hyderabad.

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