Top 7 Myths to know about IIT-JEE

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Out of 100% of students who passed from class 12th, more than 70% aspire to join IITs. And the search for the IIT JEE Coaching in Hyderabad will start if they are from the native states. There are a few myths like, is IIT the toughest exam in the world? Can an average student crack IIT, Is Cracking IIT difficult, etc. However, every student who aspires to be an IITian should know about the misconceptions the students or their parents have about IIT JEE. Do you belong to the same group? Worried about hearing a lot about life before and after IIT JEE?. Yes, not completely, but everyone has their myths while searching for the best JEE main coaching classes in Hyderabad.

Don’t leave these myths as myths. Let us find a solution and clear all the misconceptions we have about IITs. After reading this article, you will get a clear idea about IIT, and it gives you enough confidence to choose IIT as a career option.

It is impossible to crack IIT for a below-average student

No, never assume this if you are a serious IIT aspirant. Yes, IIT is hard to crack, but an average student can crack with dedication and willpower. Being a serious aspirant, forget what has happened earlier. Instead, focus on your goal of cracking an IIT in the first attempt. All you need to do is a well-planned preparation, hard work, a proper schedule, and the IIT JEE Coaching in Hyderabad. You can start your preparation from Hyderabad itself, choosing the coaching centres that offer the best JEE Main Coaching Classes. 

Board Preparation and IIT Preparation are both the same 

This is another myth the students have in their minds. But, no, it is completely a wrong assumption from the student’s side. Because the preparation for Board Exams is completely different from IIT Exams. As a student, you learn concepts for board exams, but you apply those concepts to solve more critical problems as an IIT aspirant. So, we would love to inform you that a separate curriculum designed for both the Board Exams and the IIT JEE that runs removing the myth of board and IIT preparation is the same.

No time to have a social and personal life 

Is life at IIT Stressful?  No, it is a wrong perception, the IIT aspirants not having any social and personal life is also a big myth. The IIT aspirants should certainly spend some extra time for their preparation for the exam. However, it doesn’t mean that they must sacrifice their social life for the sole reason of preparing for IIT. Are you the one who is searching for the IIT JEE Coaching in Hyderabad? In Resonance, we have a student-friendly course design that avoids the stress of preparing for the exam.

JEE is easy to crack in the first attempt 

I can crack IIT in One Year. It is another myth that the students and parents generally have in their minds. As already mentioned, the IIT JEE is one of the toughest courses that need a lot of focus, attention, and preparation. Cracking IIT JEE in the first attempt is possible with hard work and planned preparation. Besides, the best JEE Main coaching classes like Resonance will also add extra mileage to your IIT JEE preparation. Here in Resonance, we have dedicated batches for the students aspiring for the IIT JEE with experienced instructors and good infrastructure.

The only way to succeed in IIT is to move to Kota 

The Kota is unquestionably the ideal choice for most of the aspirants preparing for IIT JEE. However, several students cracked the IIT from rural backgrounds. How is it possible? It is possible with the institutes that have been set up in metros like Hyderabad to fulfill the dreams of the IIT aspirants. There are several coaching centres like Resonance Hyderabad, which has its main branch in Kota. We follow the same curriculum that has been followed for years by our main institute. Moreover, we have an experienced faculty from Resonance Kota to make the preparation more effective.

The More Books you refer to, the more it is easier to crack IIT 

How many of you feel that more reference books will add more value to your IIT preparation? You are absolutely in a wrong perception if you believe the same. This is true because referring to a lot of books will confuse you and it affects your preparation. If you are searching for the best JEE main coaching centres in Hyderabad for your preparation, remember it’s not the quantity of the books, but the quality of the books will fetch you good results. In institutes like Resonance, they have prescribed study material and reference books that guide them in the right way for their IIT preparation.

Commerce and Arts Students are not eligible for IITs

It is one of the biggest myths when it comes to admissions into IITs.The institutes like IIT Madras are offering courses for students with commerce and humanity backgrounds. They can do five years integrated M.A course in English Development studies and Economics.

However, there are very fewer students who prefer these courses compared to science courses.


As a serious IIT aspirant, one should clear all misconceptions before choosing the IIT JEE Coaching in Hyderabad. We hope this article has burst all your myths about joining IIT. It is your turn now to choose the right institute that helps you to make your dreams of IIT fulfilled. In Resonance Hyderabad, we have experienced instructors, well-structured course material, good infrastructure, and other amenities. We would love to hear from you any time regarding your interest in ITT admissions.

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