How to get under 100 Rank in IIT JEE in 1 Year

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IIT JEE Long Term Coaching

Finally, for the students who want to rank under 100, the most awaited moment has arrived. Now is the time to boost yourself and pull up your socks for searching for the Best coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation. There is nothing new you are trying to achieve; getting under 100 ranks in JEE in 1 year has become the target of every student. But everyone has their strategies to make their dream come true. 

At first, you need to make your strategy and understand it with the aim of your target. JEE requires complete dedication as it is one of the complex and challenging examinations of the country. In addition, you may find pressure while exam preparation and from family or friends but, you need to be determined for your target. Numerous students appear in this exam every year to accomplish their dream of joining IIT. But out of which only the top 20% move further towards their goal. So, to get under 100 rank in IIT JEE in 1 year, you need to start working on it, keeping the listed down points in your mind, which may help crack JEE this year:

  • Study with total concentration.
  • Set your target regularly.
  • Start with the problematic concepts first.
  • Make notes of your learnings.
  • Analyze your mistakes and find your problems.
  • Study as per your schedule, not based on the number of hours.
  • Only learning doesn’t help; ensure that you do understand every concept of JEE.
  • Solve the previous year’s question papers.
  • Set your schedule with breaks and make sure not to waste time. 
  • Consistency is essential while preparing.

Is JEE Coaching Necessary?

When students start preparing for the IIT JEE exam, the first thing that strikes their minds is ‘is it necessary to join a coaching institute’? However, many of the students feel self-study is more important. No doubt, self-study plays a vital role in cracking the exams, and it is impossible to achieve it without self-study. But, it is also true that only self-study students can’t rank high in the IIT JEE exam. 

So, to see yourself under 100 rank in 1 year, you need the Best Long Term coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation. Coaching institutes like Resonance provide you with the best guidance and study material for cracking JEE and help you step towards your dream of joining IIT. The students’ study in coaching centers has always reached an extra rank over those who do self-study. Students always require guidance, motivation, and best-quality study material prepared by experienced educators that can only be fulfilled by joining coaching institutes. 

Resonance with its best faculty trained the students to develop their academic and non-academic skills. In addition, we provide our students a motivating and good study environment through classroom, digital, and distance learning programs. 

Habits Of IIT JEE Toppers

There is nothing easy to crack JEE and get admission to IIT – It is like a dream come true. However, it is next-level stress for the students to clear the entrance exams in their area, especially those who want to set their career with IIT. JEE, the premium engineering entrance exam in India, has triggered skilled professionals in this area. But, as students heard from everywhere about the difficulty level of this exam, sometimes they may feel nervous and stressed. That’s fine; it is not an easy task to clear IIT JEE. 

But many students topped this exam also with determination and hard work. No doubt they might also faced these problems and fight with them for their dream. But, they studied in the right way with the right mindset. So, below are few tips that can help you to combat problems and study for your IIT JEE goal:

  • Proper time management:

Generally, students make a timetable initially with a spirit to follow, but many students forget about that and study when they feel like doing it after a time. Where is time management? It would be beneficial for you all if you start preparing for JEE entrance exam with proper time management. Therefore, students should do brilliant work by planning their study schedule well to crack the most challenging exam. Students can also set the reminder to do what they have to do at the right time with the due time limit to cover the syllabus.

  • Say no to Mobile Phones:

Did you know the main distraction most of the students have? There is nothing too big, it only a mobile phone. Undoubtedly, it becomes an essential part of our daily routine, but are we using it wisely? Yes, we can get every information through it, but we can’t ignore the negative impact of mobile phones on us, especially on students. Students forget to complete their study tasks but never forget to check various social media sites. All Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and many others are distracting today’s generation from studies. Excessive use of mobile phones disturbs their mental health and weakens their eyesight also. So, it will be the best advice to all the students to give their cell phones to their parents while studying, because once exams finish they will get plenty of time to enjoy and use the mobile phones.

  • Practice the previous year question paper:

IIT JEE entrance exam is difficult to crack, but there can be multiple easy ways to prepare for it. Resonance helps every student to crack this exam most easily – solving the previous year’s question paper. Our faculty collected the last 4 – 5 year question papers and made every student solve them with time limits. As a result, students understand the exam format, types of questions in the exam and check their ability to solve the paper. Then, practicing previous year question papers, students can easily track their performance as per the time limit. Thus, Resonance makes students familiar with things that have chances to come in the exam. Ultimately, you will feel the fear of the exam going out of your mind.

  • Balanced diet:

Students, do you remember your mothers used to give you almonds, walnuts, a glass of milk, and many other kinds of stuff. But why? That time you all enjoyed having those things, so what happened now? Even though you didn’t know why your mothers offered you. In reality, all those things and a healthy diet can make our brain sharp for studying. It’s okay if you like coffee or tea, but you know excess of anything is harmful.

Similarly, consuming too much caffeine can harm your body and cause you stress. Perhaps, you can consume almonds, dark chocolates, organic seeds, and many other brainstorming foods. In addition, taking green tea is also good for your mental health. Drink green tea, especially while studying, as it results in decreasing your stress level. However, always remember to have a healthy diet.

5 Reasons That Resonance Is The Best Coaching Institute For IIT JEE Preparation

Resonance is the best and result-oriented institute that has increased over the years. Resonance has now expanded with its coaching centers established in all the major cities of India. The credit for this achievement is dedicated to our experienced faculty and their method of delivering knowledge. We believe in student satisfaction, and for achieving that, our institute has an excellent management team. Resonance faculty work on every student with dedication for their top-rank results in their respective fields. 

Apart from engineering and medical coaching, we also provide CBSE class XI and XII and competitive exam coaching. In addition, Resonance also develops its students and makes them ready for both boards and competitive exams.

Listed below are the key factor proving Resonance the best coaching institute:

  • Study Environment:

The study environment of the resonance institute is best, with a proper ventilation facility and a comfortable sitting arrangement. Different batches are depending upon the various levels of courses of students there in our institute. Students, along with studies, may get various motivational sessions also for mind boost. 

  • Faculty:

Resonance offers you the best and high-quality study material managed by our certified and experienced educators. Our educators are the actual reason behind our success and top ranking of the students. In addition, our faculty are trained to deal with every problem raised by the students. 

  • Doubt Sessions:

Along with study course sessions, we provide our students separate doubt sessions for more clarity of concepts. This is because Resonance believes in understanding, not cramping. And keeping this in mind, we always solve the doubts with the best solutions and make them understandable to the students. 

Proper guidance by the coaching institutes is crucial for the success of students. Luckily, choosing the Best coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation now becomes easy with an excellent solution to it – RESONANCE.

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