Best ways to avoid distractions in JEE Preparation

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Are you the one who is looking for JEE Mains Coaching in Hyderabad?. Have you already started your JEE preparation with or without coaching? We know that IIT preparation is one of the toughest things to do. However, at the same time, it is not impossible to do with proper planning and implementation without any distractions. So, yes, the first rule for preparing for any competitive exam is avoiding distractions that harm our preparation strategy. Thus one should be cautious and proactive in avoiding these kinds of distractions.

After reading this article, as an IIT JEE aspirant, you should be able to find solutions to problems like how to stay focused for IIT JEE, how to concentrate on IIT JEE Preparation, and how to score well in the exams. So, let us see the tips one can follow to make your preparation more meaningful and productive, avoiding the common distractions.

Design a Proper Study Plan and execute it successfully

Are you the person who always questions yourself, “How can I avoid distractions while studying?” If you belong to the same group, we advise you to design a proper study plan to balance both your student and personal life. Yes, by having a proper plan handy, you can prioritize academics and other activities like watching TV, Playing Games, and other activities. In institutes like Resonance, we have an academic plan involving students in educational and recreational activities that prevent students from getting distracted from their JEE preparation.

Taking shorter breaks during the preparation helps you a lot

The best thing that a student should follow during his/her preparation is taking shorter breaks for a while. Continuous preparation and study plan generally make you feel bored and divert your mind to other activities. However, taking breaks will make you feel relaxed and energetic for the preparation of the next topics. Resonance is one of the best coaching classes for JEE, which is against keeping the students stay for a longer time without breaks. Moreover, it allows students to refresh, allowing them to have shorter breaks.

Develop healthy habits that help your preparation

Have you ever felt how toppers avoid distractions? The answer is simple by leaving the negative habits and developing healthy habits. Yes, it is the only thing that differentiates toppers from the average students. Developing healthy habits helps you to prepare for the exams like IIT and NEET. Healthy habits include planning, time management, punctuality, self-discipline, confidence, stress management, etc. Inculcating these habits will make you more confident and concentrate on your JEE preparation and avoid distractions.

A perfect study environment avoids many distractions

Imagine yourself studying in a messy and noisy environment, either at your home or a coaching centre. Don’t you think it will hamper your preparation and make you feel distracted easily? On the contrary, spending your study time in a peaceful environment will make you productive, avoiding unwanted distractions. So choose a place on your own and start studying, feeling it as a comfort zone. It also applies to the coaching centres because a few coaching centres like Resonance follow this by providing a peaceful atmosphere for the students to study, limited class strength, and the best classrooms for the aspirants.

Stay away from using laptops, mobiles, and other gadgets

The usage of mobiles, laptops, and other gadgets has become so common these days. However, it is advisable for the students preparing for the competitive exams to stay away from them. Because they grab your attention and reduce your concentration levels, the best tip a student should follow is to avoid distractions to a peaceful environment and continue your preparation. In the best JEE Mains Coaching in Hyderabad like Resonance, we strictly ban mobiles and other gadgets from making the students free from distractions that affect the students’ preparation.

Practice Self Discipline and Self-Motivation

Nothing makes you stronger except the self-discipline and the self-motivation in the students. The students should take ownership and responsibility of his/her deeds in avoiding distractions. This helps the students avoid distractions and achieve their dreams of cracking exams like IIT and NEET in a shorter time.


The distractions are quite common while preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE. But, at the same time, avoiding these distractions is also not a difficult task to do, as explained in detail in the following article. It all happens with the helping hand of the right institute. Yes, the right institute for JEE Mains Coaching in Hyderabad will motivate students to stay motivated and keep them away from distractions. We are glad to say that Resonance Hyderabad has everything to make aspirant students achieve their IIT dreams in the best possible way.

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