Best IIT JEE Preparation Books 2021

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Which Institute is best for IIT Coaching

Are you the student searching queries for which institute is best for IIT Coaching and looking for Best IIT JEE Preparation Books? IIT JEE, being one of the toughest courses in India, needs a lot of preparation and references from the student. However, reading several reference books confuses the students and will hamper the scores in the exams. The best way to avoid this is by following prescribed books suggested by the board. Reading these books will fetch you better marks and increase your scores in competitive exams like IIT JEE.

After reading this article, the students will gain knowledge about the best books for JEE Advanced. Let us also answer which book is best for JEE Mains and Advanced, Which book is best for JEE Mains only from this article.

Best books recommended by Professors for IIT JEE Preparation

If you are looking for the best books for JEE Mains by toppers, let us see the subject-wise list of books that improves your preparation and marks. It will help you a lot if you are the one who is looking for which institute is best for IIT Coaching. 

Which Institute is best for IIT Coaching

Best Physics Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2021

Besides NCERT Books, the below are the list of best books are given below which are helpful for JEE Mains Aspirants.

S.No Name of the Books Authors
1 Objective Questions on Physics by D.C Pandey Arihant Publications
2 Fundamentals of Physics Halliday, Resnick & Walker
3 Problems in General Physics I.E.Irodov
4 Concepts of Physics Vol I and II HC Verma

Best Chemistry Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2021

Let us see the list of chemistry books that helps the JEE Mains aspirants to the maximum extent in the preparation. Moreover, the books listed here cover the basic concepts of Chemistry. The list of books will help you in solving the chemistry concepts if you are looking for which institute is best for IIT Coaching.

S.No Name of the Books Authors
1 Organic Chemistry M.S Chauhan
2 Organic Chemistry Arihant Prakasan
3 Organic Chemistry Solomons
4 Organic Chemistry Peter Sykes
5 Organic Chemistry O.P. Tandon
6 Organic Chemistry Volume 1 Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd
7 Organic Chemistry Volume 1 I.L.Finar
8 Organic Chemistry Paula Bruice Yurkanis
9 Inorganic Chemistry J.D.LEE
10 Inorganic Chemistry O.P Tandon

Best Mathematics Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2021

There are two kinds of students either they feel mathematics is an easier subject to score or the others who struggle hard to score well in Mathematics. The best tip for the one who is lagging in Mathematics is to prepare all the concepts, including basics. For this, the students should first refer to the NCERT Books to gain basic mathematics concepts.

S.No Name of the Books Authors
1 IIT Mathematics for JEE Main Tata McGraw Hill (TMH)
2 IIT Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced M.L. Khanna
3 New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main/Advanced Arihant Publication
4 Problems in Calculus of One Variable I.A. Maron
5 Maths XI & XII RD Sharma
6 Trigonometry, Co-ordinate Geometry S. L. Loney
7 Higher Algebra Hall Knight

Important Tips to keep in mind before Choosing a Study Material

Let us see some important things to keep in mind before choosing the study material for your IIT JEE Preparation.

  • Select the books in which all the basic concepts are clearly explained.
  • Ensure that the topics covered in the book are relevant to the actual syllabus.
  • The best book for JEE is the book which consists of solutions, tips, tricks, shortcut techniques, and other related skills are explained in detail.
  • Always check if the latest and updated versions of the books are available in the market.
  • Don’t ever pick multiple study materials as they make your preparation complex. 
  • Always try to read either one or, at the max, two study materials to help your study preparation.


IIT JEE requires a lot of time, preparation, and hard work. However, every student should follow well-designed course material and the prescribed textbooks. We hope this article gives good knowledge about the list of reference books that helps students score more in the IIT JEE. We are glad to share that Resonance Hyderabad has its study material and the student access to all the reference books that help his/her preparation. You are just one step ahead to make the right decision to join the best IIT coaching Centre in Hyderabad.

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