Course Overview

The best coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation has designed a comprehensive program with the purpose to achieve the highest possible JEE rank (Main & Advanced). The curriculum also assists students in achieving good grades in grades X and preparing them for NTSE/KVPY and other scholastic competitive examinations. Furthermore, by boosting students' abilities, this curriculum lays a great foundation for International Olympiads. Students who enrol in this programme will have extra time to review their foundations and prepare for the JEE (Advanced) exam, which is their ultimate aim!

Course Details

● In-house coaching on a regular basis.
● A 55-minute lecture is divided into 10 minutes of DPP discussion, 15 minutes of Sheet Discussion, and 30 minutes of theoretical and conceptual learning.
● Two lectures per subject per week are required, followed by three to four lectures per subject per week.
● Timely Assessment is done in two ways: part tests and cumulative tests.
● Doubt Classes are held on a regular basis.


Course Design

JEE(Main+Advanced), which is common to the school syllabus for Class-10th, will be taught to students during the first academic session. By the middle of February, the curriculum of best IIT JEE coaching in Hyderabad should be completed. Students will be offered a 30-40 day break from the institute throughout the month of March. During this time, students take their annual Class-10th/Boards examinations.

Distinctive Aspects

● In comparison to other Courses, this one has the most available time.
● To help in developing a solid base to have an understanding of all essential concepts.
● The emphasis of the course is on concept development and progressive improvement in students' performance.
● To help in fostering systematic problem-solving skills and rapid analytical thinking.
● JEE problems should be practised often to ensure that even minute doubt is clarified.

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